Vocals . Gary Skully Poe
Guitar . Anne Spurgeon
Guitar .  Darrin Brown
Bass . Matt Campbell
Drums . Bill Sparky
Former guitar . Ian MacConnell
Former bass . Durb Morrison

"Knumskull's Gary 'Skully' Poe, toothless and bedraggled like a mangy alley dog, conveyed a persona somewhere between the late, notorious GG Allin and Lemmy of Motorhead-gruff to the nth degree but damned human no matter how wild his eyes looked. Poe sang his lyrics about marijuana and murder, big mouths and bad girls, in songs with titles like Can't Find My Mind, I Smoke Shit, Asshole, Incident, I Wanna Die and Shut Up. Ably backed by a four-piece band that included guitarist Anne Spurgeon and Matt Campbell on bass, Knumskull's current lineup makes them prime contenders in the local heavyweight division, particularly with Poe on lunatic vocals. He's somethin' else, I'm telling ya."
-John Petric, The Other Paper March 21-27, 1996 Columbus, OH