When I began to think about this show, I considered the associations of a dollhouse and the scale of the galleries within. Using play as a catalyst, I decided to experiment with materials and processes that I have not used in a long, long time or ever. So I pulled out my charcoal pencils, dusted them off and sharpened them, then drew on tiny pieces of paper. Simultaneously, I explored the malleability of polymer clay and it’s vast offerings of bright and sparkly colors. To transition between the two and three-dimensional artworks, I selected shapes and patterns from sketches of my outdoor discoveries. Long walks in the state’s parks and nature preserves, vegetable gardening, and tending to the lawn have given me a window into varied microclimates and inspiration for my studio practice and this exhibition.

Installation of miniature artworks at S.Dot Gallery, a dollhouse sized gallery founded by Stephanie Rond in 2011. S.Dot Gallery specializes in contemporary tiny sized artwork. 

50% of sales donated to the Equal Justice Initiative nonprofit organization.