Summer Pop Ups for Kids Ages 7-12

Dream Land Summer Pop Up weeks are designed around a big idea that is explored through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and more! Hands-on projects include collaborative and skill building activities, free play and choice art time. On Fridays, young artists present an exhibition to share their work with family and friends!

Daily schedule

9:00-10:00: drop off and play time

10:00-10:20: snack time

10:20-11:30: art studio time

11:30-12:00: art choice time and pick up *Fridays are exhibition opening and pick up

$100 per artist or $85 each for sibling artists.

Each week accommodates 10 young artists. Click the links below to register.

“What If”: Imaginary Worlds

June 3rd-7th

Does anyone want to give rides on a winged tiger or build bubble houses for everyone? What if we could live in a world that helped one another? Young artists will explore their most fantastical “what ifs” and big ideas around kindness. We’ll take a look at artists and writers to inspire our own compassionate creations.

Express Yourself: Fun Fashion

June 10th-14th

Time to get creative and busy with wearable art! Indie kid or Y2K, what’s your style? Young artists will look at innovative designers, fun materials and crafting techniques to create one of a kind wearable accessories in this week of fashion. DIY hats, necklaces, belts and more, how will you express yourself?

Upcycle: Design and Build

Feeling inventive and artistic? Creatively repurpose and readapt discarded objects into works of art or simple machines with moving parts. We’ll take a look at kinetic artworks, basic devices, builders and sculptors to gather inspiration for our own ideas and forms. Get ready for this week to plan, sketch and construct!